3rd Party R5 Battery Grip?

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Thanks to both of the previous respondents for their views. I, however, have always purchased 3rd party grips for my Canon cameras and have never been disappointed by their performance. Yes, I spent $3800 for the R5, but that's because it will be my only FF camera body. Thus, I'll use it all the time. A battery grip, however, is something I only use when on those occasions when I need extended battery life, such as long duration night shots.

If you only need it for extended battery life, wouldn't it make sense to buy a suitable powerbank instead? A powerbank probably offers even more battery life, can be used for other things as well and doesn't add instability that a grip may add when mounted on a tripod.

Now this is an interesting idea. Can you please give me some direction on who makes them and where to find them?

Here is some great info on another photography forum I belong to:


I guess that's ok if you're going to be tripod mounted so there's a way to secure the power bank.  Otherwise if mobile I personally would find it to be a real pain to have to carry an externally tethered powerbank.

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