Pixel camera over rated ? (compared to Lumia 950XL)

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Re: I thought the Pixel would trash a 2015 Lumia but..........

vaughanB wrote:

Groot wrote:

I have the Lumia 950 XL here.. It performed better than my old LG V30, but when I installed gcam , the V30 was superior. Since gcam is basically the pixel camera app and software, I find it hard to believe the Lumia is better than the pixel.

In daylight maybe, but in artificial light and low light I Don't think the Lumia stands a chance.

But I'm open to see samples of course. Try daylight and low light

Its close, but I still say the Lumia has nicer OOC results see here, I will do some low light shots next, I just feel that for all the hype, the Pixel really isnt as good as I expected and the 2015 Lumia can equal or better it in most situations


LUMIA 950XL (2015)

I pixel peeped and my conclusion is that these two photos are very close in resolved detail.

The Lumia has more pixels and this gives it a slight edge.

The Pixel looks much worse because of lower colour saturation and a colder WB.

Rather than saying that the pixel is overrated, I would say that the Lumia 950XL has been underated.

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