x-e3 jpeg and raw files...

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x-e3 jpeg and raw files...

I just bought an x-e3. I use Lightroom, 10.1.1.

When I shoot b&w jpeg, say acros, plus the raf/raw file, my raw file always imports into Lightroom as a b&w.

None of my other cameras do this. No matter if my jpegs are b&w or color I always get a 'neutral' raw file in color to work with.

I'm new to fujifilm bodies but it doesn't seem like there's a neutral raw file, a fujifilm raw file that is created. It seems like it's always a film simulation like neg pro std or something.

Please correct me if I'm all wrong here.

Also, maybe there is a setting in Lightroom that would bring in the color raw files? Or maybe there's a setting in camera?

ok, thanks for any help


short ps. part of my question, I often set up my other bodies to show a b&w lcd and shoot raw. I get to see the b&w composition and light, but my raw files are color. I tried this with the x-e3. Only shooting raw files, no jpegs. And I picked monochrome for the lcd image. The raw files come into Lightroom b&w. I have to convert to color. And then too, I'm getting only the Adobe version of the color files, not fujifilm for color.

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