Chip prices keeps Sony from launching new models a rumors says, but why I wonder?

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Re: Not prices

dan_darkroom wrote:

It's simple supply shortage, with a few small exceptions (scalpers),

Price is supply/demand elastic, reduction in supply equals increase in price.  Base prices may or may not change (and almost certainly will), but volume/loyalty discounts will likely dry up.  Sony cameras are such low volume that a single volume unit of a 3rd party component will probably allow them to them build sufficient stock to launch their product.  Most of the 3rd party components in the cameras aren't likely to be low yield cutting edge components - more likely standard off the shelf high volume chips like arm cpu, wifi, nfc, bluetooth, displays, ribbon cables, interface connectors.  There are lots of equivalent suppliers for these components and product manufacturers/integrators often change these components silently within the same model as availability changes.  It's only when you have an incompatible change like the newer LCDs that they need to let the user know (ie A7Riiia, A7Riva).

Not scalpers, brokers. A scalper will buy and sell higher. A broker, well, just brokers stock that he thinks is somewhere. They rarely have their own stock.

From a broker you typically can get only a small quantity, and then you need to test them, which can be very complex. There is lots, really, LOTS, of fraud going on here. It's a highly risky business.

Since a broker pretty much never has stock it's pay first upfront, then hope you get them, then hope it can work. This said, their are brokers that do their own testing.

I avoid brokers by all means. Seen too many counterfeit parts. It's good when they are bad, but very bad when they are somehow work and then die in the field. And too much fraud going on, you pay, and they close down a few weeks later.

Hundreds of Component Buyers Scammed by Fraudulent Websites

This isn't relevant to Sony.  Sony will almost certainly deal direct with OEMs or 1st tier trade suppliers, no matter the relatively small volume involved, and will likely have long standing reciprocal relationships.

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