Any suggestions for thin (1/2 inch) camera straps?

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Re: Peak Design Leash? (nt)

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It's closer at 3/4" but still a bit wider than I'd like.

The Peak Design straps are the best! After reading rave reviews for years, I finally broke down and am a convert!

They’re light, distribute weight nicely and slide easily. I carry sling-style at my left side, so the ability to swing the camera around and up into position I’d crucial for me. I can also quickly adjust the length of the strap, depending on what I’m doing.

They also have quick release connectors so it’s easy to remove the strap when using a tripod. I can also swap straps between cameras if I like, too.
The quick releases allowed me to remove the triangular strap links from both cameras.

Those things actually wore through the strap lugs on my GX8! I was walking through Tbilisi airport and suddenly one end of the camera strap was swinging free! Luckily the camera was sitting on top of my sling pack in front of me!

I have the Slide Lite on my GX8 and Leash on my GX7.
Great, just great!


Yes. +1

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