Does anyone else like mucking about with older cameras?

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Re: Does anyone else like mucking about with older cameras?

Ab Latchin wrote:

This image says it all

A selection of Olympus bodies from over the years

Some of these are mine, a couple are now used my by sons (10 and 7, the 1 year old will have to wait) and one my wife’s, which gets little use these days.

I really do appreciate the new em1.2 bodies and lenses. Small, light, versatile. The IBIS is second to none, evf shows great previews etc. But I enjoy picking up older cameras, shooting with them a bit for fun.

Immediately you see how great we have it today, the ep3 was released… I don’t know, 10 years ago… the e3 more like 14-ish. But I still like the look of the images they produce. Currently I am enjoying the ep3, configured as above. I even turn off the noise reduction and simply think about it like film.

What are your guilty (and noisy) older cameras pleasures?

ps. I was thinking of doing a bolted down IQ test to see how far we have come since the e1, I have versions of each m43rds sensor excerpt the 8mp one. So 5,10,12,16 and 20. I will probably do it just for the cathartic exercise!

That FT 14-35 F2.0... what a beauty it is/ was!

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