First "warning" from my HD backup

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Re: First "warning" from my HD backup

JahnG wrote:

For some years I have used two separate 2Tb Lacie ("Porshe design") USB3 HD:s as outer backups for my pictures. (Win 10 pro table top). Both HD:s are roughly halfway filled. (I have named the HD:s T1 and T2)

Normally I update my pictures to these HD:s perhaps one - two times a month , else the HD:s are not connected (= shut off). Until now both HD:s have worked flawlessly.

Today, after transferring a couple of folders to T2 (perhaps 1000 pictures) there was some trouble announced, and the transfer was discontinued. I deleted the discontinued folder from the HD (T2), and tried a new transfer, and now everything worked.



I have one of those Lacie drives that I periodically attach to the PC for use as a backup drive. One potential cause of the sort of Windows error message you got is a poor connection.  I'm careful never to unplug the cable from the Lacie drive, to give the cable socket of the drive the least stress.  I always plug and unplug the drive at the PC end of the cable.

I have other backup drives permanently connected to the PC but they have an on/off switch so that they aren't powered up most of the time (or available to any attack software - although I've never had such an incident).

I use Microsoft's synchtoy utility to do data backups and Macrium to back up disc images of the more complex stuff.

The Lacie drive has been in use for about 4 years and the Freecom drives anything from 20 years to 5 years, with no incident other than the sort of Windows message you got  .... but only when I first installed Win10 (not since).

I also use the Microsoft and the Adobe cloud backup services.


Spinning hard discs generally seem resilient if you treat them well, meaning keep them clean, don't allow them to get too hot and look after the connection socket.

Making multiple backups, though, means you can use any backup media right up until it actually and fully fails. It's a waste of resource to throw it in the landfill just because you're worried it might fail "sometime" or because a sector or two go bad.


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