Pixel camera over rated ? (compared to Lumia 950XL)

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Re: I thought the Pixel would trash a 2015 Lumia but..........

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I have the Lumia 950 XL here.. It performed better than my old LG V30, but when I installed gcam , the V30 was superior.

I had both and tested milions of gcam versions. V30 never was close to Lumia and night photos really suck, even with gcam. If You have still Lumia - take some shots vs Mi 11 Ultra - You can be suprised 😁

Since gcam is basically the pixel camera app and software, I find it hard to believe the Lumia is better than the pixel.

It's better than 99% current phones, including pixels, all iphones etc. This photos talk for themseleves


In daylight maybe, but in artificial light and low light I Don't think the Lumia stands a chance.

Yes, night photograpy has been highly refined in new phones, especially in Huawei, so Lumia can't be rival to today phones, but daylight processing is still top notch.

But I'm open to see samples of course. Try daylight and low light

Its close, but I still say the Lumia has nicer OOC results see here, I will do some low light shots next, I just feel that for all the hype, the Pixel really isnt as good as I expected and the 2015 Lumia can equal or better it in most situations


LUMIA 950XL (2015)

In my opinion it's not close. When i view both photos on 32" monitor, difference is big. Lumia easy win, photo looks like taken from "normal" camera, pixel processing still looks like "phone" camera.

I have all three at home , V30 (one of my favorite phone of all times), Lumia 950XL  and Mi 11 Ultra.  I might do a comparison with all three, but probably in 10 days or so since my wife is in quarantine there.

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