Is my thinking about equivalence right?

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Re: This month’s very own equivalence thread

Tom Caldwell wrote:

bobn2 wrote:

Tom Caldwell wrote:

I found it so much more of an issue when using a Pentax Q with its tiny odd-sized sensor.

As a Pentax Q owner, I must take issue with that. First, the Q's sensor is not 'odd-sized'. There are many more cameras in the world with 1/2.3" sensors than there are with 4/3" sensors. And us Q owners are just fed up with 4/3 owners telling us that our sensors are 'tiny' and no good for photography. You forgot to mention all the advantages of the Q system:

  • Much more depth of field than the clunky old m4/3 system.
  • Much smaller lenses with no meaningful drop in image quality.
  • Smaller cameras.
  • Ability to adapt all kinds of legacy lenses, including many that won't go on mFT.
  • Not based on a legacy film size.

If it wasn't for all the naysayers, Q would be the dominant camera system in the world.

Fair enough Bob tick, tick, tick …. I appreciate your humour.

I had my share of Pentax Q - a camera that I wanted to like and still have an affection for -especially with a a quality 35mm fast lens in D mount which made it a Q-ship telephoto in an innocent tiny body.

But the oem lenses were far too expensive for plastic-fantastics although I do appreciate that they were of excellent optical quality. The Q-mount had to start from scratch for Q-mount lenses and there were too few and too expensive for my taste. I did try and adapt lenses to it but MF lenses used with only a low-res lcd to focus and frame were a liability.

On the other hand the GM1 with 4/3 sensor and exactly the same size-format had immediate access to the whole spectrum of the lenses that would fit on a M4/3 mount surely gave the Pentax-Q a hard time (especially with the much higher resolution and very effective touch screen). Through several models Pentax never updated that Q-specific low-resolution lcd screen.

The GM5 with its evf was a full systems camera no longer relying on using the lcd for all purposes must have been the final death of the Pentax Q attraction.

The Q is not the dominant camera system any more than the much more attractive GM5 also failed to dominate.

I looked at Q mount (and also Nikon 1) before deciding on M43 (back then was looking at GM or GF series). The problem with Q-mount is the lenses weren't actually small in the thickness department, which is what matters for pocketability (jacket in this case). The lens selection was also very limited.

For example, even at the extra thickness of the GX85 (which I got mainly because of a freak discount that made it cheaper than even the GX850), it is still thinner than the Pentax Q with its kit zoom.

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