Future camera top-plate display & app connectivity

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Future camera top-plate display & app connectivity

Current high-end camera B&W top-plate screen seem like too simplify. G-Shock's dial/button also feel premium (and far more better IPX Rating & durable) than camera dial/button.

Fujiflm GFX100S top-plate

Recently G-Shock release G-Squad GSW-H1000 which Android Wear OS with dual-layer display with an always-on B&W LCD screen for time display combined with a color LCD screen that can show maps, notifications, sensor data and other information.

Dual layer display - B&W LCD + color LCD

Are these kind dual layer display suitable as future camera top-plate screen?

G-Shock allow customize and rearrange data points to create just the screen display to suit consumer needs. Wish future camera top-plate screen also has such customize feature.

G-Shock interface mainly use B&W LCD screen (which easy read under sun) with minor color indicate for extra info. It also automatically switches to monochrome LCD when not in operation to extend battery life.

G-Squad GSW-H1000 interface

Wish future camera app connectivity :

  • Allow customize interface/setting (include camera menu, top-plate setting, camera settings) via smartphone app with own profile.
  • Similar to smartphone Chromecast to any Android TV, consumer can sync own setting (from app) to any camera within a second. Same camera can share within multiple user, each user can sync own setting to the camera.
  • After sync, the camera auto link to smartphone app via Bluetooth. When change settings in camera, latest setting auto sync back to smartphone app.
  • When primary camera broken, same latest setting can easy sync to backup camera within a second.
  • Consumer allow create multiple profile which has different settings for shooting purpose/lens (e.g. portrait, landscape, astro).
  • Smartphone app provide tools convert existing setting (profile) to other model (e.g. convert setting from X-T3 to X-T4). Missing setting will auto fill with default settings.
  • Camera preview or live stream photo/video to PC/hotel TV via Chromecast.
Fujifilm X-T3
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