First "warning" from my HD backup

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Re: First "warning" from my HD backup

JahnG wrote:

Do you think that after this early warning it would be best to replace the HD (T2) ?

They're "just" backup drives.  Backup drives aren't as critical as your online storage because (a) if they fail you still have your online storage, and (b) if the online storage fails, you have more than one backup drive to rely on (or should, at any rate).

Given that, I'd just do a "full" reformat of the drive and put it back into the backup cycle to see if the problem reoccurs.  If it does, then consider tossing it.  For more confidence, do what I do: use a checksumming utility to create hashes of all the files on the drive and then verify them from time to time to make sure the drive hasn't corrupted any data.

And do you think that outer USB 2Tb SSD:s are good enough by now for backup purposes, in case reasonably priced such 2Tb exists??

SSD storage is still quite pricey compared to hard drives.  The benefit you get for the extra cost is performance, which is mostly irrelevant for backups since you don't have to sit around waiting for them to run.  If you can afford two 2TB SSDs then IMHO you'd be far better off spending the same amount of money on more HDD drives to put into a cycle of backups, especially if it meant you could store at least one of them offsite.  That will buy you a lot more real security for your data.

And yes, SSDs will inevitably loose data if they sit around on the shelf for too long.  It'll take longer for new SSDs to loose data, but sooner or later it will happen.  It might not be a problem if you're cycling them at monthly intervals so that they're connected to the computer and powered up to allow their controllers to scan for and rewrite degrading blocks - but it's something you need to be aware of.

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