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A "bridge" an also be an "upgrade" ...

Jeep_Joseph wrotec:

To be honest, the only one i can think of off the top of mu head wiuld be ibis possibly and luxuries like a tilting touch screen against the d7200. But you really can't arguenthat the d7200 and d7500 are upgrades

There are two different types of upgrades.

The first is indeed an IQ upgrade ... but there have been numerous prior posts here over the years where no-one could tell the difference between identical images from 1/2.3" and FF (if correctly exposed).

So while I do not argue a larger sensor is indeed an "upgrade", its main advantage is at higher ISO (lower-exposure).

But I suggest another "upgrade" is the ability to take more photos in more different situations, (and faster so you don't "lose" shots).

You are correct he would lose IBIS and fully-articulating-LCD, but also the SPEED & CONVENIENCE of WA to 1200mm-EFL.

I don't know if his AF/shutter-lag is longer than a dSLR, but potentially could be because it does not have the "mirror" lag.

And of course ALL cameras/sensors/lenses are compromises ...

But if he goes w/ a (4X larger-area) 1"-type (bridge), he would have an IQ upgrade while only losing a little of his 1200mm-EFL advantage.

The RX10-IV would give him 24 to 600mm-EFL @ f/2.4-4, (and digital-zoom to 4800mm-EFL @ f/2.4-4).  His shutter lag would be 1/10 of a dSLR, and could "C"-AF @ 25fps.

That is wider/longer/faster than any "kit" lens, and ideal for wildlife when there is no-time to (carry) and change lenses.

If he can't afford $1700 ... the best "value" today is the Panasonic-Lumix FZ1000-II @ $797

Note he may also be able to find the original FZ-1000 for under $500 .. it has everything he needs.

It has 4K-video & 120fps slo-motion, FULLY-articulating LCD, 3X faster AF, -4EV-AF, IBIS, 12fps, auto-bracketing & HDR (@ 12fps), "zebras", Hand-Held NIGHT-shot, focus-peaking, multiple-exposure, time-lapse, panoramic, retained-image (in EVF), built-in flash usable to 20' in SUN-light for Fill-Flash because if its unique "leaf" type shutter.

Note that the new "II" model adds "post/stacking focus" and "pre-capture", etc.

I started shooting "rangefinder" type cameras in 1959, and even though I also owned over a dozen SLR's over the years, I NEVER STOPPED also using "rangefinders" because they indeed had a SPEED/CONVENIENCE advantage over SLR's.

A "bridge" camera now has the same advantages and thus I have put all my SLR/dSLR in a box and am now able to take 10X more shots then I ever could before.

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