Counting my blessings with the Z7II and the 24-200

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Re: Counting my blessings with the Z7II and the 24-200

Dennis wrote:

Digital Shutterbug wrote:

If I haven’t taken National Geographic worthy photos yet, I probably won’t.

In my case, it's about prints and what I plan to do with my photos. I haven't been to Photoplus Expo in a few years, but I recall prints as big as I've ever made from m43 and prints from FF bigger than I could fit in my house!

Having big dollar lenses may give me a warm fuzzy feeling, but so does shooting a very nice photo with a smaller, cheaper piece of gear.

I like smaller; I like lighter; I like less expensive, but sometimes I wish I could get smaller with high quality. I don't mind spending a little extra on something that isn't made almost entirely of thin, scratchy plastic. But I'm nitpicking ...

- Dennis
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I understand your point. But, let me play the Devil's advocate in the case of the 24-200. It's a better than 8:1 zoom lens. I think most people buying such a lens are doing so to have a lens that can do it all in a package that is light and small enough to carry on lengthy walks, whether that be on a hike or a vacation excursion. It's not intended to be the best quality lens in their repertoire.

A lens made to higher standards of quality construction is nice up to the point that it increases the cost, size and weight beyond the intended purpose it's being bought for. Replacing plastic with metal adds durability and the feel of quality, but probably does very little to improve image quality. That requires a compromise in zoom range, and most likely, bigger, more expensive glass. There goes the purpose it was bought for.

On the surface, I agree with you that a few extra dollars for a smoother, better feeling version of the lens sounds good. I just think it would blow the lens out of the water for most of us that see it as a lens that can replace at least a couple of lenses and be ideal for for vacation travel or walking around town or the neighborhood. For the best quality images, we open the bag and drag out the big guns. Cost, size and weight are suddenly less important.

Really, I do understand your point. It's just about the compromises we make every time we pick up a camera and lens(es).

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