Chip prices keeps Sony from launching new models a rumors says, but why I wonder?

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Re: Chip prices don't really matter....

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Chip prices don't really matter, issue is you can't get them. Maybe next year...

So what does Sony (and others) do in the meantime?

The camera market is such a small potato, it really does not matter. Won't effect all products. In the meantime you have car manufacturers that have to shut down because of shortages. That gives you an idea how serious the situation is.

Here is another good article:

We can still buy several models, how come they are still on sale? Old stock and after that it will be empty on the shelves?

There will be less new stock around with fewer supply. I recall some press releases about delay because of supply issues. It will effect hot items first.

Also if Sony (and others) can't get new models out due to chip shortage issues, why don't they spend time to improve firmware and other surrounding software to compete and improve the products they can sell that way?

As you know as a Sony user, Sony pretty much gives a duck. It's take it or leave it. And anyway, the people that produce are not the same as the people the people that design. It's impossible to shift those resources. It's not, put your screwdriver down, and do some C++ programming now

The assembly workers are in many cases not even near the development department in Japan. Sony builds a lot of the gear outside of Japan like in Thailand for instance.

But programmers can be hired. And if there is a shortage on them, one have to pay more.

What I meant with the question is if they can't get the new stuff out why don't they put money (like hiring more coders) to improve their existing products with improved software to gain new functions and by that make them more attractive on the market?

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