Which one, E-M10 II or E-M10 III?

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Re: Which one, E-M10 II or E-M10 III?

olrett wrote:

Well, the M10 II + 14-42EZ combo eventually never materialized because the shop never got it in after all.

So I bought another used M10 II (body only), like new, in its original box with all the original gear. At 430 actuations it ended up being somewhat more expensive (320 euros), but it does come with 2 years warranty and, anyway, by now I was so set on this model, I needed to lay my hands on this little camera ASAP.

And it is such a cutie! Pratically the same size of the TG-6, but with the huge benefit of 1) a viewfinder, 2) tilting screen, 3) interchangeable lenses.

If I could now find the 20 mm lens I bought it for...

It is definitely a great camera. I hope mine continues to work well for a few more years. Not sure what will be available when that time comes.

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