Olympus kit lens question

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Re: Olympus kit lens question

motormatic wrote:

Chuck Bagdade wrote:

It's not jammed. When I turn the focusing ring a little, it quickly returns to its original position- by power.

I think you have the 14-42EZ and you are turning the zoom ring and not the focusing ring (which on that lens is really tiny).

The focusing ring can be turned endlessly in either direction, even when the camera is off. The zoom ring is sprung and is little more than a switch to activate the zoom motor.

Thanks for the reply, but I know the zoom ring from the focusing ring on this lens. The zoom ring is wide, and marked with the range of focal lengths. The focus ring is at the very front of the lens. It turns easily when off the camera, but not when the camera is turned on, even when set to MF.


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