Counting my blessings with the Z7II and the 24-200

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Re: Counting my blessings with the Z7II and the 24-200

fad wrote:

I reread Hogan's unenthusiastic review of the 24-200, in which he calls it a good match for the relative mediocrity of the Z5.

I have a closet full of professional lenses, bodies, tripods, even some exotics. That are rarely or never used at this point, though not so in the past. They are large, heavy, and somewhat inconvenient, for almost all of my uses.

The bulk of my shooting is done with the Z7 and the 24-200. Why?

AF has made great strides.
Low light shooting has made great strides.
IQ had made great strides.
IBIS has made great strides.
Pixel density facilitates cropping, and allows the 24-200 equivalent to 24-300, when cropping to DX mode.
Hand-held panoramas allow for wider angles of view when desired.

For none of these parameters does this gear reach the ultimate, granted. But honestly how often do I need the ultimate, when what I really need is to communicate what I see in the world outside and the world within? Mostly, the gear does not get in my way and let's me capture what I want to capture.

As a test, I brought the superb 24-70/2.8 out to the country with me to compare landscape shots against the 24-200. When my wife took me on a tour of her extensive planting, I took that and my iPhone, but having no pocket I at first put down the iPhone to concentrate on the pro lens. It took me less than three shots to realize that the iPhone was the better, more spontaneous tool, and put down the Nikon. My wife and social media friends are delighted with the results, and even if I were to do a photo book someday of the garden, I think the iPhone photos will be OK. I would say that one out of 30 photos would have been much better with the Nikon gear as a first approximation, in terms of communicating what I saw and need to learn how to see better.

In the past I would have bought the f2.8 trinity without blinking an eye, the Z9, and probably the Noct. So for me this is an evolution that I am happy with, for the moment.

Now I just have to suppress the urge to get medium format to see what it is like.

I dont have any problems with the sharpness of the ”cheaper” Nikon lenses, I got full confidence that they will perform well. But what I often miss is the subject isolation, that nice smooth object separation we get with faster lenses.

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