Am I the only one wanting an XF 24-200 WR lens?

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Re: Am I the only one wanting an XF 24-200 WR lens?

pictograph wrote:

Yannis1976 wrote:

I know it’s possible to design and build such a lens with good overall sharpness when I see Nikon and Olympus having already done it for FF and m43. Why not Fuji?

Just another Thread about:

“ I‘d like to have a car fast as a formula-1 racing car, consuming near to nothing gasoline, with inner space like in a big Truck - but which shrinks automatically to 3 m length if I want to get a parking place ... why the hell does General motors not offer one for about 1000 USD all inclusive ??! “

there are optical laws in Physics...

Sure, except that we are not talking about fantasy world here. As the post you replied to noted) both Nikon and Olympus produce very good versions of exactly what this thread is about, so it is perfectly reasonable to think Fujifilm might also.

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