Would you welcome software theft protection?

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Re: Why call people names?

mfinley wrote:

Doug J wrote:

mfinley wrote:

Travis Nicky Bombastus wrote:

You appear quite confused. This is not what Finley or the OP suggested. You might want to revisit what they wrote.

They said that the next time the device pings the server...it would be disabled.

No phone on the market needs an internet connection for a user to unlock it. To unlock a phone, one uses a fingerprint or face ID, and something similar could be implemented on a camera (if the camera makers had the smarts, which they don't).


A lot of grumpy old men here. For some reason they pick and choose what they want to comprehend. As has been said what the OP is suggesting is very similar to what is on 12 billion cell phones already. For some reason the grumpy old men don't know this or can't understand it.

curmudgeons, grumpy old men? Why do you resort to name-calling and derogatory labels when someone doesn't agree with you?


Doug it has nothing to do with not agreeing, I could care less if someone agrees or not, go back and reread the thread and then reply after you read the replies such as
" No. Stupid idea." and all the bitterness and vitrol and sarcasm, grumpy and curmudgeon is being polite.

Clearly you do care or you wouldn't start name-calling.

There is a big difference between attacking an idea and attacking a person, you need to learn the difference.


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