400mm mft prime?

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Re: 400mm mft prime?

victorav wrote:

I saw a video where someone said the canon 800mm f11 was smaller then anything mft had. But mft doesn't have any 400mm primes that I know of.

The panasonic Leica 100-400 is pretty small in comparison, but a f6.3 is like a 800mm f12.6. It does have the benefit of being a zoom unlike the canon.

Would anyone (who shoots telephoto lenses) be interested in a 400mm f6.3 prime? I say f6.3 as I'm guessing it would make the lens pretty small and not much slower then the canon.

Maybe there is no need for a 400mm prime since we have zooms that go out that far.

F6.3 iwould be too slow for me for a 400mm prime lens.

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