Astro lens for R5

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Re: Astro lens for R5

Hoka Hey wrote:

cduff406 wrote:

Thanks everyone. I've been researching trackers and was leaning that direction anyhow. Just need to figure out which one to start with and get to learning it.

With a tracker even cheaper and slower lenses works wonders.

If getting a tracker, start with one of your existing lenses. Explore like mad and find out what works for you.

Trackers are great, but they are very fiddlely and heavy.

My Vixen Polarie is small, handy and very easy to use. Superb for all wide angle work (use mine with 8 mm to 135 mm focal lenghts, love it). The setup time is less than a minute, including folding out the tripod legs - obviously quite a bit longer initially.

Half speed saves both the sky and the horizon (expose for double as long before the stars or the landscape get blurred).

They also require more work in post to get the sky aligned with the horizon.

Learning alternative ways to edit images can be fun and rewarding. What one learn can become very useful for image editing generally. Some creativity required, however.

Also, it is VERY difficult to do a pano with them.

Only for the lazy ones.

Nah. Requres added effort. The results can be impressive.

That said, they can produce beautiful results as shown by the image in the earlier post.

Would never go back to untracked astronomy. Never.

Happily we are different. Some want to take the easy road. Others want to explore.

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