Arctic beauty

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Re: Arctic beauty

Muster Mark wrote:

Dann-Oh wrote:

To me, this appears to be an argument for the advanced processing powers within the Olympus camera bodies rather than an argument for the advantages of a micro4/3 sensor within an Olympus camera bodies.

That being said Im not too sure what it would take to put these advanced processing powers inside a full frame sensor body.

Is the distinction that important? It's not like we can change out sensor formats like film. Nor did he say this is something a FF camera will never be able to do.

Its only important because Lasse said it was (see (1) below). He (or she) is the one saying Full Frame cameras can not do. However, another users mentions that their R6 (a full frame sensor camera) can in fact perform focus bracket/stacking (see (2) below). Granted elsewhere in this thread Lasse mentioned that they didn't know the R6 could do focus stacking/bracketing.

So again, to me its not the argument that the micro4/3 sensor is superior to a full frame sensor; its the fact that Olympus has extra processing power to allow the user access to creative in camera features. I don't understand why the Lasse's statement was specifically about full frame sensor bodies when there is only 1 other camera manufacture (that I know of, feel free to correct me if I'm wrong) that offers the access to this specific creative in camera feature.

(1) Lasse Eisele wrote:

By the way, I don't know of any current full frame camera that would let me take this picture.

(2) A_Mist wrote:

Me too. At least my Canon R6 can do focus bracketing.

”The EOS R6 features focus bracketing, which lets photographers create focus-stacked composite images with much more depth of field than can be generated with small apertures alone. It’s an especially useful technique for close-up or macro images, where depth of field is naturally shallow.


All of this being said I still absolutely LOVE my Olympus kit.  I only wish I had discovered the beauty of this system a few years ago when I was starting out in photography.

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I take photos, not particularly good photos, mostly abstract photos. Yeah abstract is what I would call them, you might call them blurry.

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