AD400Pro or 2xAD200Pro?

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Re: AD400Pro or 2xAD200Pro?

Ellis Vener wrote:

s-trap wrote:


I'd like to have lights for two cases:

1. Mobile studio: key light (with softbox), rim light and background light. Single person to small family portraits.

2. Outdoor: single light strong enough to use as a fill light with softbox during day. Similar portraits.

I think AD400Pro should be strong enough as a key light and outdoors, right?

That will depend on what time of day you are shooting, lighting and weather conditions, ISO, aperture, and shutter speed, you want work at, light modifier choice, distance to the subject, etc.

But I found there is a bracket to use two AD200Pros as a single light and I'm wondering if it would be good idea to use one AD200Pro as key, second as background and both of them outdoors?

Advantage to using two AD200s (pro or otherwise): you have two lights.
This means have a backup if one falls or fails, and you can split them into separate sources when you need to

Primary Disadvantages of using two AD200s

  • 1set up and take-down time is longer
  • No AC power alternative

Advantage to using a single AD400

  • set up and tear down will be quicker
  • AC power option

Major disadvantage to using a single AD400

You break it or it fails and you'll have no backup.

Either way you might also want be considering a beefier stand and sandbags as ballast.

No argument with any of this.

In both cases you can use remote heads to get the weight of the light lower down the stand. I've done that with both and the ADB2 is a bit of a PITA.

One quite large advantage of the AD400Pro is that it will take a Godox mount softbox as well as Bowens. the Godox mount modifiers are a lot easier to pak and transport.

Secondary advantages are the AD400Pro had better colour consistency in the Colour Consistency mode and a faster recycle time.

An AD400Pro and two AD200s with round heads are my current optimal mobile setup.

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