Time Machine Volume Ejection Issue With Samsung T3 and 2020 MBA/Big Sur

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Re: Time Machine Volume Ejection Issue With Samsung T3 and 2020 MBA/Big Sur

lightandaprayer wrote:

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lightandaprayer wrote:

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Is there any chance the encryption process wasn’t complete? My experience has been that it can take two or three days.

Is your experience with Time Machine backup encryption? I've done a fair amount of reading about Time Machine and I haven't run into anything regarding it taking a very long time to encrypt.

The initial TM backup took less than 15 minutes for between 70-80GB of total data. TM indicated that the backup was completed, which is when I tried to unmount the volume.

I’ve encrypted a Time Machine backup three times now and each time that’s how long it took. My experience with a backup that isn’t encrypted is similar to yours. I’ve not tried this method as I have no need to but it might be worth a try. He mentions several days to encrypt a backup and then suggests a way around it.


Wow. . . That's a crazy amount of time for the initial backup. And Filevault encryption is not carried over to TM backups either. (I assume that subsequent TM encrypted backups do not take nearly as long, if the amount of data is not very large. . .)

Thanks for the link; I will be sure to check it out.

After the initial encryption process Time Machine reverts to taking it’s usual amount of time to perform a backup. Have no idea why the encryption process takes so long.

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