My take on the RF 800mm f/11 DO IS STM for birds

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Re: Clarification.

MyDog Is Incharge wrote:

Marximus wrote:

When I add the 1.4x, that gives me 560mm at f/8. When I go into crop mode on the R5, it gives me 896mm at f/8.

Crop mode, cropping, and a TC all reduce the effective aperture. There is no way to crop or use crop mode on an F8 image and still end up at F8.

Technically they don't alter the aperture, that's a constant diameter, but they all increase the effective f/number.  None of them increase the resolution of small details but a teleconverter will put more pixels on the bird and cropping keeps the exposure settings constant.

When you crop, use a TC, or use crop mode, you are throwing away light. A TC throws away light and spreads the remaining light across the full sensor. Crop modes and cropping, crops away light and uses a smaller portion of the sensor.

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