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Re: Copyright info not updating

Martino2579 wrote:

Hi. I have an EOS 5D IV. I suddenly noticed that the metadata was showing my 2020 copyright info, even though I was sure I had updated to 2021. I corrected everything and the menu area coving the copyright shows the correct, 2021, info. However, the metadata shown in Lightroom (both on my iMac and iPad) shows the old info.

I first checked the info on the iMac and iPad to check that the old info wasn’t there - it wasn’t.

I deleted the camera info again and re entered it. The menu shows the correct 2021 info but the metadata is still 2020.

I contacted Canon support and they have been making suggestions as to how to fix this for the past week. Latest was to a) use new reformatted memory cards (done) b) power down the camera by leaving it on, removing the battery pack, holding shutter down for 4 mins, switching camera off, reinstalling battery pack and then restarting. The menu is still showing the correct 2021 info must metadata shows 2020.

I have re entered the copyright info again and the menu is showing the correct 2021 info but metadata still records 2020.

I’m using firmware 1.3.3

What am I doing wrong?

After seeing your post, I looked at some files that I recently imported into Lightroom. The copyright information wasn't correct. I know that I didn't apply a copyright preset during import that would have changed any information. If I view the file information in DPP, the metadata shows the correct copyright information that I used in camera. It's an easy fix in Lightroom but something to be aware of. I wonder if it's a bug in Lightroom. I'll probably apply a copyright preset now to make sure I don't miss an unwanted change.

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