1Password 8 dropping Standalone (local) vaults

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Re: 1Password Subscription Storage

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Don't understand. Isn't it more secure of the "vault" is only stored locally on one's computer?

I agree.

Read about the different 1Password security measures here:

About the 1Password security model

The system looks very secure to me. . . Just keep in mind that if you use a weak passphrase such as "123456" for your Master and Secret Keys (the latter is available if you are a subscriber) then the encryption isn't going to help very much.

Here is the latest info (as of April 2020) about the 1Password PRNG protocol:

How PBKDF2 strengthens your Master Password

So ive been using 1password since close to their founding.  I read the security features page you referenced and there were no surprises.  I have a standalone one time license.  My encrypted data “vault” is in the cloud given that i use apple cloud for backup.  When i make a change on one of my devices it ends up on all of them within minutes through the cloud.  So for me the subscription model isn’t adding anything that i want.

1password is only as secure as the most disgruntled 1password employee who might put a back door in their software.  So keeping my vault in their cloud would give that employee access to it where currently they cant get to my vault without hacking my computer or the apple cloud.

So i see the new cloud feature as less secure not more.

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