Pixel camera over rated ? (compared to Lumia 950XL)

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Re: I thought the Pixel would trash a 2015 Lumia but..........

Groot wrote:

I agree, daylight photos look better on the Lumia.

Pixel has slightly better dynamic range and the tree on the far left looks better, but the overall photo looks better on the Lumia.

Now low light

Bear in mind that this Lumia was released in 2015 and IMO was far ahead of most other smartphones back then BUT the reviewers trashed it and also spread stories about no Apps which was untrue but became a self fullfilling prophecy as time went on, The Lumia 950XL also had a two stage dedicated shutter button and a micro SD expansion as well as a user replaceable battery, but there was something going on and Windows phone failed in the market, the review on this site was just plain wrong !!, I never take any notice of reviews, just use them for specs

I loved Windows phones, Android OS is 10GB, Windows was less than 1GB so could do just the same thing with far less powerful hardware

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I think it unlikely that I will ever buy another brand new camera

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