Partitioning 5TB HDD: 2TB for Time Machine, 3TB for Photos - Which One First?

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Re: Where…?

Bobolink wrote:

JPAlbert wrote:

OP wrote:
"The CCC clones share these drives with my photos - each on a separate partition"

I guess it's me, but this makes no sense at all.

The object of having "a backup" is to protect you against drive failure.
Thus, the backup should be an entirely different DRIVE than the source data.

As I posted above regarding time machine... the same "rule" applies to your CCC backups.
Each should reside "on its own drive", with nothing else on it.
At least one CCC backup should be stored "off-site" (out of the house).

I guess I wasn't clear. The CCC clones do NOT contain my photos. They are clones of my internal HDD. My photos are only on the external drives. Each drive has a partition with my photos and one CCC clone of my internal drive (not containing photos). So yes, if an external drive fails I lose one CCC clone and one copy of my photos; I still have two more drives, each with a CCC clone of my internal hdd and another copy of my photos. Maybe not the best system but far better than what you thought.

Your system is the same as mine. . . I don't know what the "best system" might be but I think that one local backup is more than sufficient. And no matter how many local backups one has, a Cloud backup is a must, not an option. I use Backblaze.

As far as partitioning a drive and using a volume on it for Time Machine, that is what I have always done. Joe Kissell in Take Control of Backing Up Your Mac 4th Ed. agrees that it is fine but advises that the volume should only be used for TM backups. Copying data such as images on a TM volume "can cause permissions problems and other errors that can lead to data loss."

Time Machine using up all the available space on a volume is the nature of the beast. . . At least TM deletes the oldest backups automatically so we don't need to deal with it. If you want versioned backups that do not eat up as much space, use a program like Arq which has Delta Encoding and other tech to save drive space. (I save TM volume space by doing manual backups. I let Backblaze handle the data versioning on a continuous basis.)

These days if you are planning on making a bootable clone of a Mac with an APFS startup volume, an SSD is best if even if CarbonCopyCloner might let you use an HDD. The boot process using an HDD clone will be glacially slow.

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