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abiquiuense Veteran Member • Posts: 7,290
Re: Yippie! Breakfast is ready, and the cook is fit to be tied, . . .

Bill Borne wrote:

abiquiuense wrote:

. . . if I don't get up and go scarf it.

What's that green stuff sneaking its way out?

¡ Verdolagas ! Purslane ! Ok, ok, "pig's weed." MMMMMMMM

Repeat; mmmmmmmm.

I had to ensure daylight on my photo, so I took breakfast outside and put it on a rock. Don't worry, Greg, I kept my eye on Baloo. Slobbered breakfast or not, it's delicious.


Great without the pigweed!

Skip the purslane salad, (just North of the rock), realCoronadoWeiners, (I did not burn our only realSilverWare) extra large baked potato, two, over easy.  Tortillas on the table, a little singed around the edges, having come in contact with flame as I turned the "hwayvoes."

This plate is history.  I scraped the vestiges with bread and gave it to Balu.  Now, he wants to go irrigate and will chase the morsel with a few gophers.

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