Arctic beauty

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Re: Arctic beauty

Thats indeed too close for hyperfocal distance.

With 35mm sensor, 24mm lens and f22 the hyperfocal distance is 0.65m, which will make sure to have everything from 0.32m to infity sharp (according to the appropriate circle of confusion)

(Hyperfocal Distance calculator - Studio JPIC)

0.32m is not close enough for your composition.

At f32 (if possible) DOF would be almost deep enough for roughly 0.2m close range, but I guess serious diffraction artefacts would be introduced at that aperture.

Two images though would be enough to cover the whole DOF range, which should be possible to reproduce handheld. Postproduction would be necessary to blend both. So theroetically such an image would still be possible basically.

But as you say: given the exact circumstances you used its not possible to reproduce the image with a, say, Canon 5D MkII handheld incamera.

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