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Ah, yes! A cicada panorama.

Birddogman wrote:

The 17 year cicadas emerged on our place by the billions starting in early June. They were so loud and so numerous that it was hard to speak and be heard outside. Nearly every leaf had them perched on it. They lasted about a month, literally carpeting the ground with dead bodies of the adult bugs. They didn't seem to cause much damage, despite their overwhelming presence.

Now we are starting to see the ends of tree branches turning brown, dying and falling to the ground. Oaks (and we have many massive oaks) seemed to be the hardest hit, like this one along the upper end of the lane:

I am told that this allows the nymphs that are now hatching to get to the ground and bury themselves.

Although oaks were the worst hit, the also swarmed other kinds of trees when oaks weren't in the immediate area, like this maple much further down the lane:

This is the second emergence of the 17 year cicadas I've seen in the 29 years I've lived in this place. I hope I'm lucky enough to see another - will be 92 then.

The edible cigar butt, but, butte, whatever, slash "roach."

I'll thank you to view the exif for the date. There is an apparent difference between Eastern and Western chicharras. Our locals are bilingual; sometimes at the same time, double juicy, and, just as loud as they crunch.

I would have posted two more, but, I figured you'd head for dessert, soon. They really are edible. In ancient times, I mean the "Jurassic," they rivaled coelophysis in size.

Something is incorrect in your math; UR-74; BB is 72, and I'm 29, hmmmm.

The roach may have affected my trigonometry.

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