My take on the RF 800mm f/11 DO IS STM for birds

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Marximus wrote:

I have the 100-400 II/1.4x, and I have difficulty justifying this lens, because in crop mode I can get 896mm at f/8.

Isn't that lens F5.6 at 400mm?  Whether via a TC or cropping (or combination of both), to get to 800mm you'll be at F11 (5.6x2).  896mm will be closer to F12.

Cropping has the same affect as a TC, but reduces pixels.   Crop 400mm F5.6 2x and you get 800mm F11.  Use a 1.4x TC and crop for a result like 896mm and the effective aperture is a little smaller.

But I get your point and no doubt you should be able to get similar results and duplicating what you already have.

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