Is my thinking about equivalence right?

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Re: Not much further to go then.

Jonas Palm wrote:

silentstorm wrote:

Personally I think the sensor size is not important at all. The technology behind the sensor is more important.

Here's a chart from photonstophotos:

My case in point:

From the 1st Oly E1 FT to the current 20MP sensor

From the 1st Canon 1Ds to the current R5

From the Nikon D3 to the current Z7ii

From the Sony Nex7 to the A6600

Everyone can see from the chart that the 20MP mFT sensor is pretty much up there with the best APSc and FF from yester years. With advancing sensor tech and materials, I believe the sensor size in our cameras is no longer relevant.

How many of you here think of equivalency when you bring the camera to your eyes? How many of you here think of equivalency when you bring the handphone camera to a scene?

While you are quite deliberate in avoiding all recent larger sensor cameras, you do well to bring up QE.

The quantum efficiency of todays full frame sensors, (and presumably the quite decent 20MP sensor used the last few years in m43), is above 50% currently just under 60%.
Which means that even theoretically you cannot improve QE a full f-stop worth.

At best, you might see a third to half an f-stop improvement, and that in itself would be a great achievement. We’re pretty much at the end of the road, it is probably more rewarding to focus ones attention in other areas of sensor/system design where there is greater room for improvement. (Read-out speeds and resolution being particularly low hanging fruit, but there are others.)

Well, the quantum efficiency figures you mention refer only to that fraction of light that has passed the color filter array and the presence of the CFA is not mandated by the laws of physics. Then there is read noise, which is just as important for dynamic range as quantum efficiency. Finally, there is the “depth of the photon wells” (i.e. how big charges can be stored by the pixels) where further improvements might practically eradicate any remaining FF advantage for low-ISO high-DR shooting. So it seems plenty still remains to be done. How soon it can practically be achieved is another matter.đŸ¤“

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