Going on vacation with my RX100M7

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Re: Going on vacation with my RX100M7

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ChristianHass wrote:

One thing I've really come to enjoy is that the MR setting remembers the focal range.

So if you set it to 50mm and turn off the camera, it'll go to 50mm next time you turn it on. It doesn't do that in any of the other modes, only in MR.

That's only true if you never use the zoom whilst in that MR mode. For example, if you zoom to 75mm and switch the camera off then back on it will zoom to 75mm not 50mm.

I just find that super useful as it'll let me default to a "normal" focal length instead of having to zoom in every time I turn the camera on again.

Yes, that's true, it'll revert to the last used focal length.

Not always easy to remember to do that. It's caught me out a few times whilst using my RX10iv. I have it zooming out to the maximum focal length (600mm) equivalent In MR 1 & 2 for birds but sometimes I zoom back to say 400mm equivalent. If the camera switches off on the 'time out' feature or perhaps I switch it off deliberately. When switching it back on it will be on 400mm and I don't realise and think I'm taking shots at 600mm! It would help If the zoom setting was always visible in the display. As it is, it shows the zoom setting while you zoom then it disappears. I've never been able to understand this!

If you switch mode from and to MR it'll go back to the programmed focal length.

Yes, that's the only surefire way of guaranteeing that you are on the zoom setting you programmed into that particular memory.

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