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myotisone wrote:

Zeee wrote:

I’d be curious to know how many people actually don’t pay to renew every year to stay current. Don’t know about everyone else but I have always liked to have the latest.

I upgrade C1 every year, and never regretted it, but I like having the option to time when I upgrade.

I was the same when PS and LR where standalone. I never missed a single upgrade. I know myself and I would done the same if I had gone with C1.

If I want to delay the cost for a month or two, I like having the choice.

But I am aware of people who upgrade C1 every second year. This was at the time when you needed to pay full price if you left the upgrade to the third year.

Yes I have read people do upgrade every other year. Sometimes the offerings are not enough to warrant the cost - for their requirements. As for LR I have taken advantage of every improvement since LR6.

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