How good are these IBIS systems?

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Re: How were the tests conducted?

Andrew Ellis wrote:

Probably not a popular view on here, but I'm surprised the Olympus system didn't wipe the floor with all the FF cameras in their tests, as that's not my experience.

Don't get me wrong I absolutely love my Z6 II and Z7 bodies, but as I also own an Olympus OM-D EM1 MK III and an EM1X, in my opinion they destroy the Nikons on IBIS (and in fact any other camera i.e. Sony and Fuji that I've also used), perhaps with the exception of the Panasonic G9. I can regularly hand hold these with my 12-100 (24-200 equivalent) down to many seconds and easily over a second at the long end reliably. I just can't get anywhere near that with the Nikon's.

Also, when shooting video and just walking with the camera without any sort of gimble, the Olympus pair (whilst not totally gimble like) is massively steadier than anything I can achieve with the Z's, which I guess is down to the M4/3 sensor being much smaller and therefore much easier to stabilize. The Z's IBIS for a FF camera is really good but not in the same level as the OM-D bodies. Of course the Nikon's have other very big strengths also.

Well, if you look at the table NikonRumors re-published, you COULD argue that the Oly did win the test. The Nikon produced completely sharp results down to .6s but then deteriorated quickly. The Oly produced 'good' results down to 1s, and 'ok' ones all the way to 2s, the longest time tested, where the others were ALL unsharp.

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