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Re: People have done it before focus stacking

G1Houston wrote:

Lasse Eisele wrote:

Well, Sony cameras can't do focus bracketing at all. The same goes for Canon, as far as I know. Nikon Z cameras can do it, but the implementation is poor and it is near impossible to do handheld bracketing (I was on a steep hillside with the camera at ground level – no way to set up a tripod).

But I was probably wrong anyway. It seems like the Panasonic L-mount cameras can do it.

It just requires proper knowledge of DOF and framing.

Some very beautiful images there, but you're wrong. Kevin wasn't very close to the flowers, so he could get away with hyperfocal distance and a small aperture.

The flowers in my picture were small and I was very close to them. I'll show you one of the images from the bracketing sequence, taken at f/8 (f/16 in FF equivalents).

Straight out of camera

If you zoom in, you'll find that the DOF isn't even enough to cover a single flower. There's absolutely no way you could get the entire image sharp without focus stacking.

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