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xpatUSA wrote:

Jozef M wrote:

Very little light used to be considered 'bad' light in the film days.
Colours and shapes fade when there is too low light, so give up then ..., you shouldn't strive for the impossible.


I agree and that's exactly what I do, especially when armed with the SD9.

Having said that, my shots are rarely important enough that they have to be captured at that very instant. Of course there's an obvious rebuttal to that but my subjects don't move and there's always tomorrow ...

The subjects I'm thinking of do move and there's seldom even a next minute. The combination of people, mood and expressions is over in a couple of seconds, and the same image is never repeated.

Obviously photos like this Tri-X shot were possible in the 1960s, because here is one. But I think the number of keepers would be much higher if one could use a several stops higher "ISO number".


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