The "Hobo" Tripod thread < super budget advice > =D

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The "Hobo" Tripod thread < super budget advice > =D

Hi everyone,

This is how this thread was born for context -> a small slice out of another thread:

bridge77 wrote:

RobViktor wrote:

Top tip? Look up the local "hobo" discount stores... the ones where people donate stuff and they resell for pennies? Salvation army, or "fripperies" they are called here in french.

I bought -all- my tripods there for under 10$.

Optex, Sony's etc.. sure here and there they are missing a screw or shoe, a foot, latch, but nothing a 3d printer cant fix in my case haha. Printing the quick release shoes for any model is a joke... 25min and you save 45$ replacing

Usually I grab some 5-10$ cheapo telescopes (the kid ones that are for moon only etc..) if they have any laying around to pair it up with a tripod, and when i visit some friends etc, i bring one over and 99% of the time leave the entire thing at their house because it cost me 15 bucks total, give joy, kids were loving know?

I am constantly picking them up at these used discount places, you should seriously check first to save a lot of cash!

yep, a comment for the rest of us. maybe you can start a thread on some of your equipment bought used. there was one recently from a guy that bought an old very cheap canon dslr and showed some smashing great photos.

tripods? meh, i have one from costco with a pistol grip to change positions and then another cheapo came free with my video camera about 25 years ago......good enuf.

after reading about how some just fall apart, well i don't get it. perhaps i use 'quality cheap'. but yeah plenty of good used stuff every where for those on a budget.


You are correct good sir bridge77!

also, that sounds like me 2 weeks ago

So in the spirit of things, here are my 2 latest additions on the cheap.

I just picked these up from the surplus store. And I fresh printed 2 quick release shoes for each model as you can see. Optex 455 (12$) and a Kinyo TP335. (17$) ohh breakin my 10$ rules here haha

Love the K one, it has metal spiky feet thingy under the rubber shoes as you unscrew them downwards. will be awesome for outside. Both were missing quick release shoes, Optex has one closing foot lever broken off but still totally functional. Cosmetic.

3D printer time ha!

Optex are easy to find everywhere for the shoe, if you need the Kinyo shoe I couldn't find a design online and my pins were broken on the tripod, so i scratch designed a drop in.

If your pins are NOT broken, just tinker a few cuts where they are on yours.

If some of you need help with the 3D printing part, msg me and I can see what I can do.

So to carry the torch, we are not looking for award photos here, this is the bargain bin deals back alley... show me the awesome you picked up on the cheap !

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