1Password 8 dropping Standalone (local) vaults

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Re: 1Password Subscription Storage

Gesture wrote:

Don't understand. Isn't it more secure of the "vault" is only stored locally on one's computer?

Not sure, do you mean the vault itself?

Security is based on at least a couple things; one is encryption. If strong, you could leave your computer out on the sidewalk at a hacker convention and the data in the vault would still be secure because it's encrypted. And note that people leave laptops in public places all the time, so I'm only being slightly glib.

And so it matters who has access to your device, and that that be by theft, negligence, or internet access.

A vault in the cloud has the same exact issues. But odds are the servers are in secured premises and unlikely to be left on buses. And again, encrypted. And they probably have a better firewall than you do at home.

And security also means backup; you also want that data accessible. If your machine dies, can you access passwords you need? combinations to locks? whatever else you wanted secure? The best backup would include at least offsite storage, so you'd have your vault on a drive in a vault in say your bank. But let's hope you don't need a passcode in that vault to access that vault But as you can see, you end up with a vault somewhere else. For me, the ease of access in the cloud is better than waiting until my bank opens to get at it. YMMV.

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