Epson ET-8500/8550 (ET "Claria" inks) Is there really a difference? Plus, no black 8000's in NA?

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Epson ET-8500/8550 (ET "Claria" inks) Is there really a difference? Plus, no black 8000's in NA?

Hi, I was looking at the ET-8550 and Epson says it uses "ET Claria inks."

I spoke with Keith Cooper through email about the possible differences between the last gen 7000 series of EcoTanks vs the new 8000's and he said that he doesn't think there will be much of a difference between the 2, other than the added grey of course.

I was wondering if anyone else wanted to chime in on their thoughts on this? Is this just a marketing gimmick, or is there actually a "real life" difference in the 2 inks? (Maybe we don't know yet?)

Does anyone have a 7000 and an 8000 printer to show a comparison from both printers using Epson paper with Epson profiles?

I'm also curious if anyone has any guesses as to how much the print gamut has been expanded by adding the grey. I'm guessing this one is still up in the air as the 8000's are still pretty new.

Lastly, I noticed that Keith's review used a black 8550 printer. When I look in North America (although more so in Canada,) all I can find is white printers. I know, it's a minor cosmetic difference, but all my equipment is black, an I find white to be a bit of a distraction when everything else is black. :/ I'm guessing that if I get a black 8550 from the EU (unless the black was a pre-production run) then the NA ink won't fit into the tank "lock" correctly. Also, I don't thinkEpson honors warranties unless purchased in the country you live in.

Is this some sort of Epson "corporate" thing? EU gets black, NA gets white? lol

In the end, if I need to get white, then I'll get white, but I'd rather get black.



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