Chip prices keeps Sony from launching new models a rumors says, but why I wonder?

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Re: Not prices

Entropy512 wrote:

None of the rumors have said anything about prices.

The rumor I quoted and linked (though classified as wild) in the OP does talk about chip prices but it is the first one I have seen that does that and it was the whole reason I asked about it since it got me curios.

It's simple supply shortage, with a few small exceptions (scalpers), many semiconductors simply cannot be obtained at any price unless you already had a contract for N units.

As others have said, Sony does have their own fabs for some semiconductors, but plenty of components are likely not sourced by Sony. For example, I don't think Sony has their own in-house BMS/battery charge controller design, it's likely off the shelf.

All DRAM and flash memory is from third parties. The A7R2 had, in addition to the BIONZ, a Fujitsu Cortex-M3 - and Cortex-M parts from pretty much any manufacturer have become notorious for severe shortages lately. The wifi module is a third party off the shelf product too.

Thanks, interesting. It seems the A7RII is disappearing from several markets as are the other first and second generation bodys. The only one that seems to still be unaffected and kept listed is the A7II (one can guess to have a budget option maybe). Do you think the trend to remove the older bodys from sales also is an effect of the chip shortage or something else?

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