Hiking 24-105 vs 24-240?

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Re: Quick RF24-240 vs L lens shootout - Optical vs Digital Zoom

Presumably, if you are out on a hike or some other situation where you might encounter a variety of subjects that may be skittish about close contact with you, the zoom allows a margin of separation between you and the subject that allows you to photograph it without spooking it.  I am absolutely positive that, optically, the 100 2.8 macro is superior in every respect to the 24-240 @ 100mm.  Man, it better be, or I am taking it back for a refund!  I will bet though, that the 24-240 is much better at 24mm.

That is beside the point though.  My picture of the butterfly was at 240mm, and I racked it out that long so I wouldn't disturb the butterfly, which had its wings fully extended.  Zoom in, CLICK! and I had a lovely picture of a butterfly, before, a split second later, it flitted away.

See an interesting tree pattern with reflections on the water of a creek?  Zoom out to 24mm and, CLICK! you a lovely pastoral scene.  That was the scenic I posted.  Walk a little further by the creek and your daughter is standing next to a tree, zoom in to about 130mm, bump the exposure a stop to bring up her face, CLICK! you have a nice, spontaneous portrait.

That is why this lens is so remarkable.  It doesn't do any one thing as good as a dedicated prime, but it does everything (in my experience, anyway) much better than any non-professional zoom I have ever used.

Highly recommended, if you are only taking one lens.

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