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Your response, dearMember, KB, reminds me, . . .

KBTinto wrote:

abiquiuense wrote:

. . . if I don't get up and go scarf it.

What's that green stuff sneaking its way out?

¡ Verdolagas ! Purslane ! Ok, ok, "pig's weed." MMMMMMMM

Repeat; mmmmmmmm.

I had to ensure daylight on my photo, so I took breakfast outside and put it on a rock. Don't worry, Greg, I kept my eye on Baloo. Slobbered breakfast or not, it's delicious.


Reminds me a bit of what I used to have for breakfast during my first few years at work. 2 scrambled eggs, hash browns, ketchup, buttered toast and coffee with cream and sugar. After the first few days the deli knew what I wanted and I didn't have to say a word.


. . . of when I was on my last legs, trying to escape UNM.  Dad would send me $20.00 bucks every month with which, he'd say, "Buy yourself a candy."  Of course, it wasn't for candy.  It was to augment my "work/study" program.  I was a "go fer," at the "Cultural Awareness Center; Tri-Lingual Institute."

When the cavalry arrived, first thing I'd do was reward myself with a big, big, "Lota Burger Meal."  (It's a NM thing.  I make the sixty mi.r. trip to Española today, just to get one, and, and, their breakfast burrito.  Costs me twenty in gas, anyway, . . .)

Meanwhile, back at college; work, work, work, study, study, study (ok, one more "study,") study, . . . .  two weeks went by; no "mula."  No reward; NO FOODSTAMPS! I didn't complain to him, cuz, I had no phone.  And, I didn't relish hiking 110 miles home to get some dough, and I'd prolly lose it to my peer group, over there.  And, Mom and Dad were raising my seven younger siblings.  So, I pulled myself up by my boot straps (wore boots, back then, and listened to C&W music, then I discovered ROCK AND ROLL.)

LSD (long story delayed), I had eggs/huevos and potatoes/papas.  And, I had "the menu."

Morning; "Huevos Con Papas."  Noon; "Papas Con Huevos."  Supper; "! Papas A Huevo !"

Now, KB, you are prolly wondering; "What is "Potatoes By Egg?"  The Spanish speakers, in this hoodlum congregation (dPR) are already ROFLOL (rolling on the floor laughing out loud.)

That menu is not as innocuous as it sounds to other than Spanish-Monolingual-Speakers.  So, maybe a word/picture;

RAE . I could, but, I won't use my paintbrush to highlight words.

Seems like a long way to go, just to tell a joke.  But, I try to reconstruct them after travelers' humor gets shredded at barbwire borders.

Nice bridge photo, BTW, KB.

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