Arctic beauty

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Re: Arctic beauty

Bassaidai wrote:

Wonderful image, thanks for sharing.

That statement about no FF camera would be able to take a photo like this is honestly beyond me. Why do you think that way?

If I'd grab my old (and dust collected) Canon 5D MkII, the 24mm lens, f16 and match ISO and shutter speed what would be the difference?

If its regarding aspect ratio: ok, its 3:2 compared to 4:3 in your picture. Easy fix: take the Canon 17-40 at, say, 20mm, and crop for the same 4:3 aspect. So still I don't understand - what am I missing here?

Disclaimer: I really really LOVE m43 and haven't touched FF since I got my m43 gear 2-3 years ago. So no need to convince me about the joy and use of m43

This image couldn't have been made without focus bracketing. Even at f/16 equiv, the DOF wasn't enough to cover even a single flower (I can prove it of course if you don't trust me). And, since it wasn't possible to use a tripod, you would need a camera that can do handheld focus bracketing. I doubt your Canon can do that.

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