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Hi gang how are you doing?? Well I hope. Here's the FP at ISO 64000


Nice demonstration, although a dp2 Quattro would look better in the same light at f/2.8, 1/60 sec and ISO 400

The fp high ISO is amazing, 102,400 is quite usable in monochrome, although the in-camera JPEGs get a bit soft at that point.

Acceptable results in available light are a big step forward. I've lost so many shots because there wasn't enough light. You press the button anyway, hoping to get something, and the result is vanishingly thin negatives or hopelessly dark digital images, even at dangerously slow shutter speeds.

There are two "base ISO" numbers, depending on which of the analog amp gains is in use.


Very little light used to be considered 'bad' light in the film days.
Colours and shapes fade when there is too low light, so give up then ..., you shouldn't strive for the impossible.

Why not ?

When the light gets tough, the tough get photographing.   

I'm wondering what the fpL is like at high ISO numbers.


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