Is K3 III the most expensive APS-C DSLR sold now?

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Re: Is K3 III the most expensive APS-C DSLR sold now?

Buying any camera from any brand at full price is a voluntary option. There are sales and deals, and often eventually price reductions.

If you really need what the camera offers and think it’s well made, or if it’s something whose price doesn't bother you anyway, then buy it if you can sensibly afford it.

People who just want a good, competent camera have a big range of slightly older models to choose from on the secondhand market. One can pick up something well-made and highly competent that will deliver top quality for, say, half the headline price of the brand-new models.

The last new camera I bought came in at significantly below the headline price. I was offered a deal. That did make me wonder whether in some cases the headline price is there to offer snob value come spurious exclusivity. In practice, the brand only expects a few customers to pony up the full amount and knows perfectly well that most folks won’t.

It all depends on whether that new model has something you feel you might really benefit from but cannot obtain any other way.

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