Samyang 24mm f/1.8 vs Zeiss Batis 25mm

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Re: Samyang 24mm f/1.8 vs Zeiss Batis 25mm

Ron Outdoors wrote:

sirVir wrote:

I can buy a used Zeiss Batis for the price of a new Samyang. I am not aware of anyone directly comparing those two lenses, but they seem very similar with their size, focal length, f-stop and built.

Does anyone have both and could comment on their optical qualities? My takeaway so far:

For Batis:

  • better build quality
  • less value depreciation
  • T* coating

For Samyang:
- newer construction
- comes with a warranty
- slightly wider and brighter
- more complex optical design
- lighter

For both:
- weather sealing
- “extras” - oled, infinity indicator, extra button

I used to have the Batis 25mm. Great lens, very sharp. I wonder if the Samyang would be as good. And the Batis seems to be wider than 25, so probably about the same there.

The Batis is bigger and heavier and takes a larger filter. Batis uses a curved, flaring outer shell, making them bigger than similar focal lengths. They are well built. But for me, a lot would depend on the condition of the particular lens you're considering. The Samyangs do depreciate a lot from their original release price.

I've not got any experience with the Batis, but would love to - everyone raves about the contrast and colours.

I've got the Samyang 24/1.8 after having the 35/1.8 and 75/1.8.  Initially I didn't like the Samyangs - they feel a bit cheap and flimsy and look a bit plain, but once you start using them a bit then you really start to appreciate them.  They're very light and small for the wide aperture and very sharp.  I used the Sony 35/1.8 and Samyang 35/1.8 back to back for a while to compare, I would say the Samyang was sharper and produced nicer rendering, but the Sony was marginally better on AF.  If you update the Samyang firmware then they've largely sorted their earlier AF issues and they're pretty good now.

The 75/1.8 and 35/1.8 gave eye-opening results for the money, but the 24/1.8 is something else, it's stunningly sharp and beautiful rendering - read all the reviews and look at the ones that compare it favourably with the 24GM.  They're getting better and better, lens by lens.  It also has a really useful infinity focus for astro which is really nice for me as a newbie as I failed miserably at doing astro with my other lenses.  And all the tiny range have the mode switch to turn the front focus ring into aperture ring (or other functions that can be programmed), and on the 24 you get the programmable button.

I got the 24/1.8 on sale for £379 on Amazon - they may depreciate faster in percentage terms than other lenses but in real terms it will be tiny - I could probably sell it on ebay for what I bought it for in a few hours, and if bought at full price - £459 - you'd only lose a few quid at most.  The cheapest I can see a used Batis 25mm for here is £689, so it's quite a price difference.  No question they will be better built (the Batis).

If it's not too wide for you, the Sony 20/1.8 is worth a look - it gets sky high reviews by everyone, that's probably my next purchase

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