CaptureOne Workflow: best location for export folders (maybe also applicable to Lightroom/Photoshop)

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Re: CaptureOne Workflow

gilloup wrote:

Hi guys,

I export files:

- for the Web.

- for printing.

I don't know if the best solution is to put 2 different folders (Web - Print) inside or outside the folder containing my raw files.

Note : the latest CaptureOne version (14.3 from yesterday) has a new and easier export interface, and it is now possible to export automatically the files in the folder containing the original files.

What do you recommend?

Gilles Peltier


Everyone's going to have their own way of doing things. I create a new session on import for every job and that automatically creates a series of folders for that session (Capture, Output, Selects etc). Once I've selected and adjusted the images in C1 I export them to the 'Output' folder using a high res tiff process recipe. Then I make final adjustments and layer work in Photoshop and export low res after that.. so not within C1.

In your case you could make some process recipes for high res and low res in C1 and then export to sub folders within the 'Output' folder. I always prefer to keep things in separate folders: RAWs stay in 'Capture', Tiffs in 'Output' and then high and low res jpegs go in sub folders. I find it makes things easier and clearer when I'm backing-up or delivering images to clients. I've not seen the new version yet but I'd be unlikely to change as once you have a logical filing system it's probably best to stick to it.

Hope that helps.


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